Why Weight Loss Is So Hard

Weight loss is hard because we make it hard.

If we sit in a state of self-love then it becomes so much easier.

I know it’s not easy to sit in a state of self-love all the time but I think we should try. Because that is where the real work needs to take place and it is so much more powerful than “working hard” to lose weight.

It will change your life.

Just as consistent exercise and healthy eating require a certain amount of discipline and practice, consistently practicing self-love also takes discipline and practice.

It starts with recognizing that you ARE pure love and health at your core.

The part of you that sits in self-judgment, blame, regret, guilt, disgust, impatience, and all of those negative self-sabotage thoughts we have, is not really who you are.

I believe that we ALL are self-love and health, happiness, peace, contentment, fun, curiosity, passion, and everything else that feels really, really good.

That is our soul shining through.

And when we feel negative, self-hate thoughts, that is our flawed human side mucking up the shine.

And that’s why it feels so bad.

We know it’s not true.

We have a deep knowing that those nasty self-sabotage thoughts are simply not true. But we think of them anyway. Mostly because those are habitual thoughts.

And they do not help us in our journey toward better health and weight loss.

They only hurt.

So, the work needs to be done to overcome those thoughts.

And the way to do that is to tap into that “knowing” that we all have that we are pure perfection at our core. This makes us entirely lovable and well worth the effort.

And what happens when you recognize that and you start to act out of self-love, doing the stuff you need to do to feel healthy and lose weight becomes much easier, maybe even fun!

I want you to have the freedom to do the work out of pure self-love and desire. This is how it gets easier.

And when you start to practice true self-love-care you want to do things just because they feel good. No ulterior motives. No desperate desire to “get there”. No disappointment when things don’t go as planned.

Do the work because it feels good and because you know you are worth it. Do the work out of self-love.

And all of a sudden, it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

If you are struggling with the weight loss process I invite you to join me on a complimentary strategy call. We will talk about your goals, your struggles, and what your next best steps should be.

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