Be Happy AND Lose Weight

Be happy and lose weight

I believe that we all have a soul. You may not agree with this and that’s fine but this belief is central to my happiness in this life so I thought I would share it with you.

And since we all have a soul, as far as I’m concerned, that means we all are pure divinity at our cores.

That is who we truly are.

Yes, we have a human side as well. That human side is what makes everything so hard.

If it were just up to our soul-side; our divine core, we would move through life in pure joy, love, and happiness and we would never do anything to hurt ourselves or others.

But (and again this is my belief) we are here for a purpose.

If we were just meant to enjoy divinity and perfection we wouldn’t need to be in human form.

I believe we are in our weak, flawed human state to grow. Every time we work on being better we grow. We are all presented with challenges in life. It is how we respond to those challenges that determines how much we grow.

Even if you remove the “spiritual” side of this it does make sense to think about our lives as one opportunity after another to grow.

And if we agree that we are all divine perfection at our core (at least for argument’s sake) then it makes sense that we are all infinitely lovable and we are all worthy of being loved.

We also all are beautiful at our core.

And we all have full freedom.

I also believe this means we are confident, successful, powerful, content, curious, passionate, and many other wonderful things at our core.

Since we all have that in us (and I really believe we do) then our work is really about aligning our thoughts with that inner perfection, beauty, freedom, joy, passion, confidence, etc.

If we can align our thoughts with that knowledge, life completely changes.

You ARE powerful. You do have choices. You are free. You are worthy of love. You are beautiful.

This is what I want you to “know” and believe.

The only way you will come to believe this (if you don’t already) is to think it. A belief comes from thinking the same thing over and over again.

Align your thoughts to this inner knowing in order to achieve true happiness.

What does this have to do with losing weight? Well, I’m glad you have asked.

The pursuit of losing weight is really about the pursuit of feeling better.

We believe that if we could just get to that magic size or weight we will finally be able to rest, be happy, and move on with our lives.

I do hate to break the news to you but that is just NOT how it works.

We have to find that inner happiness FIRST.

We have to pursue better health and a body we love from the perspective that we are already healthy and we already love our bodies.

Otherwise, we are fighting all kinds of things such as; restricting our eating because we feel we “have to”, feeling like we are holding our breath as we deprive ourselves, feeling like this is just temporary and as soon as we get to our goal weight we can start enjoying life again, feeling guilty when we eat foods that give us pleasure, hating ourselves for not being stronger, regretting our choices, becoming disappointed when the “scale doesn’t cooperate”, and so on.

Sound familiar?

Can you see how when you come at it from a place of longing, self-doubt, self-loathing, impatience, fear, competitiveness, or any other negative place that it will always be a struggle?

But if you can recognize who you really are: pure divinity at your core wrapped in a flawed human shell, then the conversation can begin to shift.

And this is where thought alignment comes in. How are you approaching your eating?

If you can approach it from the place of, “I am perfect just as I am, I am worthy of self-love, I am choosing these actions from a place of pure freedom, I want to enjoy this process and enjoy every day of my life, and other similar thoughts, then you are literally aligning your thoughts with who you are at your core.

And when you say those things, you know you are aligned because it feels really good. Doesn’t it?

This is how we free ourselves from suffering.

And I want that for you.

So, give it a try!

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