How Can You Be Successful?

Many of us wonder how we can be more successful in life.

The simple answer is that you need more personal power.

If you would like to have a wonderful life where you feel successful in work, finances, relationships, and your health, you'll need to learn about personal power. 

There may be a few out there who walk around with a charmed life with no effort. 

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But for the rest of us, life can be challenging and we often feel we have to work for success, health, and happiness. 

But it can often feel like no matter how hard we work, there are certain areas where we feel like we just can’t get a break or we tend to feel a lot of failure and frustration. 

I believe that you can have success in ALL areas of your life. 

I have read and heard many, many ways to be successful in life. They usually sound great in theory. 

However being in the field of helping people improve their health and lose or maintain their weight, I have learned that theory is not enough. 

We must have TOOLS that we can easily put into practice if we want to be successful in life. 

I have accumulated and developed tools for making this happen, including the work of Gay & Katie Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and the Silva Method

I have written about some of these tools, including “How to Get More of What You Want” and “How to Take Better Control of Your Life”. 

Your feeling of personal power is at the core of the tools I present in those articles.

  • How do you feel your power? 
  • How do you harness your power?
  • How do you utilize your power for good in your life and in the world? 
  • Where does your power come from? 

It’s natural for us to question how much power we have and where it comes from. 

I have a relatively easy answer to these questions. 

Your power comes from within you and that is how you can be successful. 

Many people make the mistake of trying to gain power from external validation or outside sources. 

  • A woman may feel a sense of power from the reactions of the world to her sexuality. 
  • A man may feel a sense of power from the reactions of the world to his physical strength. 
  • Someone may feel powerful just by the title they have. 
  • Others may feel powerful by being hurtful, deceptive, or manipulative. 

However, all of these types of power are based on external sources or outside reactions. 

The problem with this type of power is that it is actually quite feeble. 

Picture of female entrepreneur shouting to her subordinate with megaphone while standing on the chair, isolated on white background

Because when you are reliant on external reactions to your “power” you are actually quite powerless. 

You have transferred your power to someone or something else. 

That is certainly OUTSIDE of your realm of control. 

So, it is a fool’s errand to try to rely on external sources of power. 

Instead, we must source our power from within. 

That is completely WITHIN your realm of control.

But how do we do that? 

Where does our power come from? 

I believe very strongly that it comes from our “core essence” or our soul or spirit. 

For me, this has a spiritual meaning. 

But even if you are not spiritual, you can most likely FEEL your own power. 

The way to feel your own power is to connect with and be aligned with your core essence. 

However, our modern and very busy and stressful lives as well as the environments we spend most of our time in (indoors and in urban areas) detach us from our core essence. 

In order to feel your power, you have to come home to yourself. 

One woman enjoys inner balance and meditation leisure outdoor activity alone feeling nature hugging herself at the beach.

And in our busy lives, this takes effort. 

Your connection to your inner essence is always there but you may not feel that connection if you are tired, out of touch with your body and inner mind, overly analytical, or stressed out. 

Your mind and body must be at peace in order for you to flow in connection with your inner essence. 

As I mentioned, I have tools that can help you reconnect with your essence daily or even several times a day. 

This doesn’t just happen!

  • We have to be committed to having personal power. 
  • We have to be committed to living our lives with intention. 
  • We have to be committed to having all that we desire. 

Connecting with your core essence and feeling your power on a daily basis takes effort! 

When you know who you are and you know that you are connected to your essence and therefore your unconditional love and your power, you are unstoppable. 

  • That doesn’t mean you run people over to get your way. 
  • That doesn’t mean your life is perfect. 
  • That doesn’t mean you have to “work hard” to connect with yourself. 

It simply means having a few tools and taking some time 2-3 times a day to come home to yourself. 

Imagine how good it feels to come home to yourself every day.

That is how you can be successful in life!!!

When you come home to yourself your brain can relax, you can feel at peace, and you can tap into feelings of well-being, health, connection, confidence, power, and love. 

Who doesn’t want that????

THAT is where you get your power!!

If this sounds like something you want to learn more about click the link below to get "The 3 BEST Tools for Being More Successful in Life."

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