THE 3 Secrets to Weight Loss Motivation

  1. Be inspired, not motivated
  2. Choose what works for you
  3. Enjoy it or stop

I know these may sound too simple. But these 3 factors form the basis for weight loss success in the LONG run.

Let’s look at each of these secrets in more depth.

#1 Be inspired, not motivated

How do you get inspired?

Well, it has to come from within, not without.

Inspired from Within:

This means YOU are the source of wanting to lose weight, not some outside person or circumstance. For example, if you want to lose weight because you are afraid you won’t look good in a bikini, that is an outside source.

In other words, you may be MOTIVATED to lose weight by fear of getting sick or worry about how others might perceive you but ultimately, these motivators are NOT strong enough to keep you going in the long run.

So what does work in the long run? Inspiration.

Some examples of sources from without:

  • Friends or family urging you to lose weight
  • Doctor urging you to lose weight
  • Desire to look good or impress someone or some people
  • Fear of getting sick or dying because of someone in your family being sick

Some examples of sources from within:

  • A desire to be healthy because it feels good
  • A desire to care for and love your body simply because you are worthy of being loved and cared for
  • A desire to be healthy because it’s fun to eat good quality, nutritious food
  • A desire to be healthy because you want to inspire others (like your children) and you believe it is fundamentally a good thing to be healthy
Secrets to weight loss motivation

How do you find your internal source of inspiration?

Explore the following 2 questions:

  1. What is most important to you in your life?
  2. What will give you quick and easy wins?

The answers to these questions will help you identify the aspects of yourself and your life that you LOVE and appreciate. From here, you can associate those aspects with the desire to lose weight.


Write down aspects about yourself and your life that you love. Now connect those with being healthy and eating a nutritious and delicious diet.

For me, I wrote the following:

I love my children, I love my family and spending time with them, I love dancing, I love being healthy, I love that I have lots of energy and I sleep well, I love hiking, I love that my mind is clear, focused, and calm, I love traveling, I love eating good food


  • I want to be healthy so I can spend time and have fun and relax with my family.
  • I want to be healthy because I like having lots of energy and being able to work out hard, hike, and go dancing.
  • I want to be healthy so I can see the world and enjoy myself
  • I love the feeling of eating nutritious food and I also love being able to eat a variety of foods and not always be perfect with my diet.
  • I want to eat healthy food because I feel good right away

So if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, find your inspiration and STOP doing it for other people.

Do it because you want to. Do it because you love yourself. Do it because it is fun and you get so much in return!

These are proven methods of losing weight and keeping it off. 1,2,3

And don’t forget that as humans we tend to favor the “now” over “future me”.

So, find ways to get quick and easy wins such as:

“If I choose the lighter, more nutritious lunch I won’t be tired when I go back to my desk to work.”


“I am going to eat less at night so I can sleep better.”


“I’m going to drink water instead of wine because I want to have plenty of energy tomorrow.”


“Even though I don’t feel like meditating, I’m going to do it anyway, because I always feel better throughout the day when I meditate.”


“I am kind of tired but I’m going to take my daily walk anyway because it always improves my mood and helps me sleep better.”

Can you see how the return on investment for your effort comes quickly and easily from making better choices?

Use this to inspire you to make those better choices.

Clean food

#2 Choose what works for you

The only way you are going to actually enjoy eating healthily and losing weight is if, AND ONLY IF,  you are doing what is best for you. 

Notice I did not say, what your doctor told you to do, or what your best friend is doing, or what the latest fad is. Get rid of all that.

Food good choices

One of the most spectacular and beautiful things about you is that you are unique. Honor that.

So…how do you figure out what works for you?

First take the “Best Diet for You” quiz.

This will get you started. 

If you are eating food you enjoy and you feel it is a sustainable LIFESTYLE, as opposed to a DIET, then great!!

If you are looking to lose weight or lean up and you are not eating in a way that is sustainable and nourishing for you, then I invite you to get on a call with me to explore further.

#3 Enjoy it or stop

And finally, I highly, highly encourage you to approach this as just another way to enjoy your life.

If you think it’s drudgery, it is. If you think it’s hard, it is. If you think you are going to just fail, yet again, you will.

Change your attitude and you change your life.

Have fun. Find recipes that inspire you. Find little nutritious treats and rewards if you need them. Get competitive and make it a game. Find a friend or other people doing similar things and get support.

Enjoy good decision

You CAN do this. But if you feel you are suffering, depriving yourself, or feel forced into something you won’t sustain it.

And for sure, being inspired from within and recognizing the way of eating that is most appealing and valuable for YOU are two big steps toward enjoying this journey.

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