The 3 Secret Ingredients for Weight Loss

In my experience working with people trying to lose weight I have found that at least 80% of the struggles come from mindset.

Secret ingredients for weight loss

The other 20% may be about not knowing what to eat, how to cook, or what's the best diet for them. I can easily fix that 20%, but the other 80% will never happen if someone is not willing to change their mindset. 

So, I've set out to help people with all of it, but the main focus is on mindset. It may sound odd coming from a nutritionist but with weight loss, there is so much emotional/mental stuff tied up with it, I find that if that's not addressed, people just don't see results.  

So please recognize that if you want to lose weight, you need to REALLY want it, not just "pretend" want it. 

Are you committed? Do you believe you can do it? Are you ready to do what it takes? Are you ready to overcome your fears about losing weight (often fear of failure or fear of change)? Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions?

First answer those questions, truthfully. If you're not there, you're not there, it's okay. 

Now IF you are there, please read on. You'll never have to "diet" again. 

This are the 3 Secret Ingredients for Weight Loss

Secret #1

"Be Judicious"

This entails the following

  • Set a long-term goal and then weekly short-term goals and stick to those short-term goals, knowing they are the path to success.
  • Learn how to observe your body and pay attention to how you feel as you make changes. Your body will tell you mostly everything you need to know.
  • Identify habits that you need to change and change them (you can change habits! Just be sure to work on ONE HABIT AT A TIME!). For example, if going to bed late makes you too tired to work out or cook a real meal, then work on the habit of getting into bed on time.
  • Identify new habits that you need to start in order to lose weight (for example, start exercising, start eating more veggies, be more physically active throughout the day, etc). But remember, only ONE HABIT AT A TIME!
  • If you have cravings or urges, don't ignore them. They will most likely be the thing that blocks your success. Address cravings with proper nutrition. Address urges they way they should be addressed, with willpower. Every time you give in to an urge, that is YOUR CHOICE, no one is holding a gun to your head to eat those chips at night (PS: Cravings and urges are very much tied up with habits, see above)
  • Every time you eat, focus only on the food and the people around you. Do not read, watch TV, play a video game, get on social media, or do any other activity that distracts you from your food. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, taste your food, and chew slowly.

Secret #2

"Eat Nutritious"

  • There are many foods that are very, very powerful in turning ON FAT BURNING! Eat lots of those foods!
  • There are also many foods that nourish the GI tract, reduce inflammation, and balance hormones. Eat lots of those foods too!
  • In general avoiding processed foods and refined sugar and flour will bring you a long way in the right direction. Now you may think you don't eat a lot of processed foods. If so, great! But be sure, okay? For one week, write down EVERY processed food item you eat. This includes, packaged cheese and yogurt, Lactaid, most bread you buy in the store, bacon, canned beans AND of course the obvious ones: crackers, chips, bars of all kinds, protein powder, cereal, pasta, pre-made meals, canned soups, frozen pizza, and pretty much anything that comes in a box.

To help you with this click on the link below to get highly nutritious meal plans with recipes. 

Food ingredient vegetarian

Secret #3

"Enjoy Delicious"

This is the best one yet!!

Make sure that the vast majority of what you eat, is stuff you like! The only catch is that those foods need to fit the criteria above under "Eat Nutritious". 

If you cannot find a lot of food that is BOTH nutritious AND delicious you may need some professional help. Either make an appointment with me or take the Food Boss Course. 

Hey, I never said it was easy. But you don't have to suffer! And once you learn these habits you will have skills for life, many of which will help you in multiple areas of your life, not just food. 

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