How to Stay Motivated and Be Self-Accepting

This is something a client recently said to me:

I want to feel positive, accepting, AND motivated to lose weight

I don’t want to be critical of my body but that usually is the only thing that motivates me.

I don’t want to beat myself up to lose weight.

The answer is to focus on the way I want to feel and the way I feel, rather than what I look like or want to look like.

She has it mostly figured out!

But the issue she brings up is real. 

How do we stay motivated enough to do the work AND at the same time love and accept ourselves for who we are and where we are?

Woman thinking how to stay motivated

I think the first step is to be aware that this is even an issue. 

Sometimes this issue can lead to self-sabotage without our even being aware of the root cause. 

So I suggest starting with an honest look into your feelings. 

Do you feel motivated enough?

Do you struggle to accept and love yourself as you are right now? 

If you do find this challenging then I suggest thinking of these two ideas as being independent of each other. 

Loving and accepting yourself is crucial for health. So whether you are working on losing weight or not, this should always be a practice you strive to create. 

Generating motivation to lose weight is an independent endeavor. 

You CAN and SHOULD love yourself AND strive to be better at the same time. 

Think about olympic athletes. They are at the top of their game. But that doesn’t mean they don’t strive to be better. 

I think it is really important to strike a balance between these two things. 

That is why I say, “Find that sweet spot between thriving and striving.”

Yes, enjoy yourself, revel in your success, appreciate your health and your body for what it is right now, practice self-care, and cherish yourself every day. 


Yes, look for areas where you can improve. Seek out deep and meaningful reasons for wanting to be better. List your “whys” and remind yourself of them daily.

And what my client was alluding to about envisioning success is also important. I have talked in the past about visualization for weight loss. There is some research that this is effective.

But again, there is a fine line between wanting something so badly that you are pining for it and miserable in the moment, and simply looking forward to reaching your goal.

So, I think the big takeaway is to try to remain in the present and appreciate all that it brings while you plan and expect for more good things to come!

If you are struggling with losing weight and you could use some support, I invite you to get on a FREE strategy call with me. We will discuss your goals, your challenges, and what your best next steps should be.

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