5 Summer Weight Loss Hacks

It’s summer!!

Time to slow down, relax a little, and be outdoors more.

For some people, it’s also a time to slim down a little because we’re showing a bit more skin.

Summer is actually an ideal time to lose a few pounds of body fat.

Why? You ask…

Weight loss hacks to be happy

Well, there are a few advantages to the summer heat. One is that we sweat more. Another is that we tend to be more active. Many people express have a smaller appetite when it’s hot out.

So, here are 5 hacks specifically for summer that you can use to help with the weight loss process.

1. When in doubt, drink water

For most people, water is a big weight loss aid. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a forgotten tool. I’m here to tell you that in the summer, in most cases, water is a big help for weight loss. First of all, we sweat more in the summer, so you are losing water.Make sure you add some mineral drops to your water as well because when you sweat you are also losing minerals. I love this product for that.Sometimes we are thirsty and hot and we crave ice cream and other quick fixes. When you feel that way, this is your chance to drink water!Add some ice cubes and a sprig of mint and voila!If you are having a craving, feel hungry even though you just ate, or feel like you NEED ice cream, DRINK WATER FIRST!

2. Fruit is your friend

Along the same lines of above, in the summer we often crave fruit. Why?Well, usually it’s because we are losing electrolytes and fluid and fruit is a quick fix for both.Fruit is your friend! It is very low in calories, satisfies your inherent drive to replenish sugars and fluid, and of course, tastes great.Try to stick to lower-carb fruits (unless you are very young or very active). Melon, plums, kiwi, berries, tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, nectarines, peaches, and citrus fruit are all lower in carbs and will be highly satisfying.But also remember to drink water too. You don’t want fruit to become your “go-to” every time you’re feeling thirsty.

3. Sweat it out

I know, sweating is not really that fun or appealing.But guess what?Your sweat is full of stuff your body is trying to get rid of. It’s actually a natural cleanse every time you sweat.This can translate to better skin, and who doesn’t want that?And cleansing means everything will be working better internally, which can only help in the weight loss process (the healthier you are, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat).Just because you are sweating, it doesn’t mean you’re burning more calories. It could just be hot. But let’s face it, it feels good. It feels like we are doing more. This leads to feeling more accomplished.Since successful, sustainable weight loss is a long series of wins, I say, why not use sweating as a win?It feels productive, it is a natural cleanse, and you will lose some water weight.Just make sure you replenish with plenty of water and electrolytes (see #1 above).

4.If you’re not hungry, don’t eat

Over the years, many of my clients have reported a smaller appetite in the summer months.If that’s you, why not take advantage of it?If you’re not hungry, don’t eat!I’m not saying to starve yourself. And please make sure you are not eating less than 800 calories/day for an extended period of time. But sporadically eating less is usually nothing but good for most of us.Again, refer back to #1. Drink plenty of mineral-rich water. If you are eating less, this is even more important.There is no rule written anywhere that says you HAVE TO eat if you’re not hungry. Listen to your body and do what feels right but if you really have a smaller appetite, lean into it.

5. Slow down and have FUN

Summer is a wonderful time of year to really take it easy.When you slow down and relax, everything loosens up. Just for a moment, stop holding on so tightly to everything. Whether it’s your dreams, desires, ambitions, frustrations, stress, anxiety, etc, try to let go a little.It’s okay to have FUN!

Actually, I am writing a prescription for you to have some fun.

Life is short. Why not take a moment to slow down and have some fun?I know this isn’t highly scientific but I believe there is a spiritual/emotional side to this that is very valid.Sometimes we want to lose weight or get healthier so badly that we almost create an air of desperation.I don’t think this helps the situation.An example of this is a client who went on vacation for 3 weeks, ate tons of food while she was there, and ended up losing 7 pounds (at age 72!!).How is this possible? It goes against everything we hear about dieting and weight loss!Well, she just was relaxing and letting go. She didn’t go crazy overeating but she also didn’t feel deprived at all.I believe it is not only helpful, but even necessary for all of us to take a break, breathe deeply, appreciate all that we have done and all that’s around us, have some fun, and just relax a little.When our minds let go, our bodies can let go too.

So…those are my summer weight loss hacks.

I hope some of these resonate with you to make your journey a bit more FUN and pleasurable.

Sometimes the process of losing weight and gaining health can seem so confusing and/or overwhelming. How do you know where to start? How do you know what diet is right for you? How do you keep up the motivation?

I offer free clarity calls where we will discuss your goals and your challenges so we can connect the dots and give you clarity on the next best steps for you.

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