Our Team


Our Team

Emily K Werner, MS

Emily earned her BA in communications and a minor in religion in 2003 at Muhlenberg College. At that time, being a full-time nutritionist wasn’t in the blueprint. However, after 15 years in the world of advertising sales, she gravitated towards teaching her peers about the significance of eating well and exercising. She truly believes food is medicine.

Emily went back to school full-time at the University of Bridgeport and earned her Master of Science in Human Nutrition and is now pursuing her Certified Nutrition Specialist credential. Outside of the realm of education, she loves CrossFit, cycling, and spending time with her husband and her new puppy Ollie.

Emily brings compassion, empathy, and love, as well as evidence-based practices to the table. Her passion is to use her life experience and expert nutrition guidance to inspire others and help them heal and improve their lives.

Our Team

Teri' Broadnax, MS, CNS, LDN

For Teri’ WYN is not just a program she works with, it is an experience of her own as well. As a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Teri’ has had her own ongoing personal journey with eating. She too has had to work on learning how to marry the knowledge she has gained about food and health with her individual nature for lasting weight loss.

As a full-time Surveyor of Skilled and Mental Health Nursing Facilities for the Illinois Department of Public Health, Teri’ has seen firsthand the importance of taking care of yourself. She considers it a privilege to use her passion for nutrition and well-being toward guiding others through their health and weight loss journeys.

Teri’s family and friends call her a “career student” because she has also earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology as well as in Human Nutrition. Her love of reading certainly came in handy for those ambitions. Teri’ is also a homebody who loves spending time with her children and grandchild.

Our Team

Kimberly Leonard, MS, FNTP

Kim is a wife, mother, 3-time cancer survivor, and self-proclaimed foodie! She lives in Webster, NY with her husband, her daughter, and her two sons. In her free time, Kim loves spending time outdoors with her family, experimenting with new recipes, bike riding, swimming, and sewing, as well as researching and learning more about nutrition.

Kim has always had a passion for helping others. She graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a BA in Psychology and Human Services and then went on to work in trauma therapy, helping children and teens.

After beating cancer for the third time and helping her children with their food allergies and health challenges, Kim decided she wanted to help people with diet and lifestyle to improve their lives. She is now a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Instructor (CNE), has a Master of Science in Human Nutrition, and is now pursuing her Certified Nutrition Specialist credential. She is passionate about teaching others how eating whole foods and incorporating a foundational approach to nutrition will improve their health, wellness, and quality of life.

Our Team

Makayla Davis, MS, CPT

Two of Makayla’s favorite mottos are “Food is Medicine” and “Health is Wealth.” Makayla grew up around the fitness industry because her mother was and still is a fitness trainer. In her spare time as a kid, she read her mom’s fitness magazines to learn as much as she could about healthy living. The passion for health started early!

Makayla recently attained her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and she is currently a candidate for the Certified Nutrition Specialist credential. Makayla is also a certified personal trainer, a NASM certified group fitness instructor, and a nutrition coach.

Makayla has personally struggled with unhealthy eating behaviors in the past due to dieting fads, misinformation, and a lack of understanding of her own body. She is passionate about helping others find their balance, heal their bodies, and incorporate joy into their daily life. With that comes weight loss, less inflammation of the body, and a healthier you.

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