Perform at your highest level AND feel fantastic!


You want it all. We understand that because we want it all too! By now you know that neglecting your body in the name of moving forward in your career is not a sustainable model.

And you may also know that performing at the highest level REQUIRES you to take care of the machine (your body). When you are healthy everything hums and you are more productive, more efficient, and HAPPIER!

Let us guide you through the process that we employ for ourselves as professional women wanting it all. We live it! And we have developed tools that facilitate more energy and mental clarity and a better mood so that you can be your absolute best.

When you harness your health and take care of your body properly you can increase performance and enhance creativity all while spending less time working!

But we want you to be ready because operating at an extremely high level takes commitment and it may not be what you think. This isn’t about just eating a healthy diet or killing it at the gym.

In the “Higher Health = Higher Performance” year-long program we take a deeper, more holistic approach that helps you improve in all of the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Mindset

We are going to work together to help you to reach a level of health you never thought possibe.

There are ways to efficiently nourish your body, your soul, and your mind so that you can continue to focus on your career AND improve your health globally.

For busy, successful women, figuring out how to FIT IT ALL IN is usually a top concern. You didn’t get to where you are by being lazy. But if you haven’t been putting your health first, slowly it begins to show.

You may feel tired or burnt out, you may be short with your loved ones, you may have gained weight, you may feel drained and be losing your passion….these are all signs that your body is not able to keep up with the demands.

We understand that you are busy and there are many moving parts in your life and we also know that you want to put your health first AND continue to be successful .

In the “Higher Health = Higher Performance” program we will help you figure out how to take care of your body, your mind, and your soul in an efficient and effective way so that you can continue to grow in your career.

But now you’ll be taking care of your body and organizing your life based on your top priorities so that you can actually be MORE productive and creative and feel energized!

Yes, this is possible. With the right guidance.

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Slow Down

Slow weight loss program

In the first phase of your personalized program, we start by slowing everything down and rewiring your brain and your body for holistic health.

Together, we’ll find out what works for you – and what doesn’t. This is where you’ll:

1. DISCOVER YOUR NATURE: discover what your body needs (observation), understand what motivates you (your “whys”), and figure out how to calm your nervous system down for optimal functioning.

2. EMBRACE YOUR NATURE: you’ll learn how to set up your environment for success so you can fit in healthy practices easily, even if you are busy. And you will lean into what fits into your lifestyle and feels good for you and do more of that.

3. UPGRADE YOUR NATURE: here, you’ll develop new habits and positive feedback loops, change your story, and learn to prioritize your self-care.

We’ll keep working towards future success to figure out what works for you. This phase is designed to be insightful, inspiring and most importantly, enjoyable.

Best weight loss program


The next step is to Supercharge!

This phase involves highly personalized strategies to give you major energy boosts, optimize your mood, and enhance brain function and mental clarity. Each woman’s body and lifestyle is unique – so strategies need to be unique too.

You will get a chance to bring your health to the next level with polyphenol-rich foods, smart fitness, sleep and stress management, and further mindset changes. Depending on what your body needs, we’ll create a custom plan for your future success.

Once we figure out what works for you (and what doesn’t) we basically turn up the volume so you get more consistent and rapid results. The Supercharge phase is all about learning what your body needs – and seeing some results!

Smart and sustainable weight loss program


Finally, we get to the third phase: Sustain. Here we’ll solidify your habits and you’ll become accountable to yourself, before finally stepping into and owning your new identity.

With these new skills supporting you, you’ll know what to do to achieve your goals, you’ll understand your body’s needs, you’ll do what works, and you’ll stop doing what doesn’t.

You love your new lifestyle and eating habits and you are working toward your goal. You find that taking care of YOU is not so hard and it is totally worth the effort! You are even more creative and productive now even though you are spending less time working. Yes, my dear, you ARE truly fabulous!


Use health to fuel your success

We meet you where you’re at:

The “Higher Health = Higher Performance” Program is a 12-Month Virtual Coaching Program – you get access to online membership content, group calls with our founder Jill Cruz, and regular coaching sessions with one of our fabulous nutritionists.

There are several variations for this program. Click below to fill out your readiness assessment form. If we think you are a good fit for our program then we can set up a call and find out which option is best for you.

We know that being a successful leader AND caring for your body in the way it deserves can be tough so we will be with you every step of the way.

We have many tools to address all of the factors involved in optimizng your health practices and being efficient and effective with your self-care so that you can fit it all in and reap the benefits.

Most importantly, we provide you with serious accountability and loving compassion throughout every stage of your journey.

AND you will learn tools to practice self-love and true self-care so that you can experience what it’s like to be holistically and fantabulously successful.

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