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Welcome to freedom with food, healthy eating habits, clothes that fit right – and happiness with how your body looks and feels.

Our goal is to empower women to get off the weight loss treadmill and stop suffering needlessly. The weight loss industry is damaging and so many women fall into the traps that make weight loss difficult and unsuccessful.

We want to change the culture of weight loss for women to a journey of self-love, self-care, pleasure, curiosity, and lasting success.

Working with Jill changed my life. She taught me how to build healthy routines, explained the science behind nutrition and encouraged more sleep and less daily stress. Not only did I lose weight working with Jill, I also learned how to incorporate my new understanding of food, exercise and sleep into my daily life - even with a busy schedule that felt too tight for any additions. She took the time to understand my personal needs and body composition by asking great questions and taking note of patterns. I highly recommend both her group programs and working with her one on one.
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How does the Work with Your Nature weight loss program work?

Through our unique 3 phase program, we help you understand that the real problem is not your weight or your previous difficulties sticking to a tough diet.

For years, women have been told to do things that go against our nature to lose weight.

You feel that you have to deprive yourself to keep the weight off. You have to follow the diet perfectly – and if you slip, you feel guilty. But you don’t feel so guilty that it stops you. If only you had more willpower!

And so goes the vicious cycle: deprivation and weight loss, slipping up, feeling guilty, eventual weight gain and more feeling guilty… until you meet the “next best diet.”

Together, we’ll slow everything down, learn more about your own nature, understand how your body works, figure out why your previous attempts at weight loss haven’t worked. We’ll discover a way of eating that is just right for you.

We’ll cover: how to nourish your body properly; how to make food easy, appealing, and delicious; how to plan; how to stop and start habits; how to change negative self-talk; how to forgive yourself.

Our 3 phases also go through fitness, stress management, sleep, and how to supercharge your metabolism; and how to build a way of eating and living that becomes a sustainable lifestyle.


Healthy, happy weight loss with expert guidance

My name is Jill Cruz. I’m a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist. I also lived through a 15-year long nighttime disordered eating habit. I overcame my unhealthy relationship with food by embracing three things:

Slow down, Supercharge and Sustain.

Now, I help other women like me, who are fed up with yo-yo dieting, to lose weight in a sustainable and enjoyable way without feeling deprived. How do I do this?

By working with your nature, not against it.

Together we can discover what inspires you to care for your body in a tender, forgiving, and compassionate way. This should include pleasure, fun, and curiosity. Not getting it right is part of the process. I am here for you, to love you no matter what.

Jill was very knowledgeable and helpful on my weight loss journey. I contacted Jill because I was unable to lose weight, even though I was exercising and what I thought was eating right. Working with Jill, I learned how important eating the right food is for your body.
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What is the best diet for YOU?​

Are you confused about what to eat? Low-carb? Low-calorie? Plant-based??

Jeesh, there is so much conflicting info out there about diets! How are you supposed to know what’s right for YOU?

Start by taking the assessment to find out what diet style is right for you.

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